City Council Members

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         Mayor (4 year term) :
            Tom Conrad term expires in May 2017 contact

Married for 35 years to Kathy, with two grown children and two grandchildren.  Mayor Conrad has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Northern Illinois University, 1969 and a Masters of Science in Education from Northern Illinois University, 1973.  The Mayor is a retired high school teacher, who taught for 34 years in the Wheaton, Illinois school system before moving to Silvis in 2004.  Mayor Conrad was appointed as 4th ward alderman in 2010 and has served on various committees including contract negotiations, public works, and was chairman of the finance committee.  Mayor Conrad took the office of Mayor on May 7, 2013. 

 I got involved in Silvis city government to contribute and make a positive difference in my community.  I feel I can best accomplish this by giving both my time and effort as mayor in addressing the issues that affect our city.  Being an alderman was a real learning experience.  Through the various committees, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to ask questions and be informed before deciding on an issue.  I’ve been amazed at both what’s involved and the dedication of all the people that make the City of Silvis work.  Decisions have to be made that not only affect the city in the short term but the long term as well.  With this in mind, I hope to be an effective mayor who represents its citizens and businesses and will put the city in the positive light it deserves. 

 There will be challenges that face us, but with a council and staff that “makes a difference,” we can find solutions to address these challenges.  Myself, this council, and the city staff all bring different backgrounds and ideas to our discussions.  One factor will always remain, and that is to make sure whatever we do as a city government our citizens and city services will always be the priority in our decision making process.

 Despite challenging economic realities I feel we can set a course that will continue to keep our city on solid financial ground.  The chief issues that continue to challenge us will be to create new sources of revenue, continue to address aging infrastructure, address downtown business growth, and continue to closely monitor both our revenues and expenses in order to determine how to get the most out of our budget while keeping the level of services our people deserve.

 During my 4 years in office I will need to be proactive in promoting our city in a positive manner that will attract new businesses.  We will need a vision and plan in place that addresses aging streets, water, and sewer lines.  We need to make sure our community has sufficient police and fire protection as well as to continue promoting our city both as a great place to live and a great place to do business.


City Council (4 year staggered Terms) :
First Ward
Bob Cervantes 1st Ward
Robert Cervantes - term expires in May 2017 | Contact:
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Public Safety
Public Service, Negotiations, Personnel & Insurance

Larry A. York - term expires in May 2019 | Contact:
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Parks/Building & Grounds
Negotiations, Personnel & Insurance, Ordinance

Second Ward

Matt Carter, 2nd Ward
Matt Carter - term expires in May  2017 | Contact:
B/A Organizational Management
Committee Assignments
Chairman - Finance
Public Works, Economic Development

Kathryn Hall - term expires in May  2019 | Contact:
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Economic Development
Public Works, Ordinance

2nd Ward Newsletter #10 - March 2015

Third Ward

Bob Rockwell - term expires May 2019  | Contact:
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Negotiations, Personnel & Insurance
Finance, Economic Development




Rick Lohse - term expires May 2017
term expires May 2017 | Contact:
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Public Works
Parks/Building & Grounds, Finance

Fourth Ward
Caryn Unsicker, 4th Ward
Caryn Unsicker - term expires May 2019 | Contact:
About Alderperson Unsicker:
Bachelor's Degree in English and Education
Master's Degree in Counseling
Employed as a Counselor at an Alternative School for Teenagers
Formerly employed in Rock Island County Probation Office as Court Referral Officer
Caryn is also on a subcommittee for RICCA's Halfway Houses
Member Rock Island County Waste Management Agency Board
Board of Progressive Action for the Common Good
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Public Service
Public Safety, Parks/Building & Grounds

Todd Malmstrom - term expires May 2017 | Contact:
Committee Assignments:
Chairman - Ordinance
Public Service, Public Safety

Meeting Schedule
Regular City Council Meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd
Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

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Meeting Location
Silvis City Hall
121 11th Street
Silvis, Illinois, 61282

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